Industrial solutions


Euraqua manufacturers standard white label solutions and customised systems. Below are some industrial solutions manufactured by us.

Water Softening

Over the years we have created a large variety of standard and exclusive designs at PWG, discover our full range of softeners here. 


We have extensive knowledge in industrial filtration for the removal of organic dissolved pollutants such as detergents, soluble colourants, chlorinated solvent, bad tastes and colour, iron and manganese filter solutions, sand filtration, or the demineralization of water. 

Reverse Osmosis

When traditional purification systems fail to eliminate undesirable minerals from the reverse osmosis is the solution.  Thanks to the cooperation with our plants in Turkey and Germany we can offer a wide range of RO UNITS for every budget.

EDI, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration
and many more

As an extra polisher to your RO we can offer an EDI, which offers a continuous desalination of the permeate. Besides reverse osmosis we can offer other membrane filtration systems in order of increasing pore size. These are nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration. 

Production Facilities

We manufacture and assemble ourself thanks to our in-house production facilities located in Belgium, France, Germany and Turkey. (domestic or industrial)