Our Mission

Euraqua is your preferred B2B partner and benchmark one-stop-shop for all water challenges globally. Our mission is built around 3 core pillars: Partnership, One-Stop-Shop & Acting Globally 


Within Euraqua, we believe in long lasting partnerships built on mutual trust and value to all parties involved. We are committed to offer our customers solutions and not just products. We provide technical support and share expertise through our qualified technical team. We strive to offer the highest service through our internal and external sales teams. We ensure sustainable supply thanks to Euraqua and Pollet Group’s long-lasting supplier relationships and scale. 


Euraqua is a one-stop-shop for all your water treatment needs.  

  • We are experts in customized solutions thanks to our in-house manufacturing and assembly 
  • We are an established distributor of water treatment components and spare parts from many different brands 
  • We offer you unique in-house brands with Vision Water & Pallas  

We act globally

Euraqua, as part of PWG is a worldwide leader in water treatment. We aren’t only a market leader in the Benelux, we also actively develop water treatment business in Central Eastern Europe, Nordics and far away regions such as Asia, Middle East and Africa. No destination is too far, and nothing is impossible. We are your global water treatment partner. 

Sales Activities