SANITIZER Iron Removal Unit with Crystal Right


Sanitizer is a multi-purpose water treatment system taht removes iron, manganee, hardness, raises pH and disinfects itself automatically during regeneration. The secret lies in two specially engineered technologies:

  • A new chlorine generator, a patented device that uses the existing brine solution to generate controlled amounts of chlorine to safety sanitize and disinfect the entire system. There are no special chemicals to add, no special salt to use, no additional equipment to purchase.  The sanitizing action takes place automatically every time the system regenerates.
  • Next is the use of Crystal-Right, a unique medium that remove high levels of iron and manganese, raises pH, reduce ammonia and van soften the hardest water through a simple regeneration with salt.  Crystal-Right is also the only softening media in use that is impervious to chlorine. All this is designed in one comfortable, ultramodern system.