Herco Units


  HERCO – MEMBER OF POLLET WATER GROUP, PROFESSIONAL IN MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY. HERCO OFFERS:  Hardness Monitoring Units: Limitent; Limitron.   Reverse Osmosis Units for Desalination of Soft Water: Herco provides standard equipment with flow rates from 50 litres/hour to 30,000 litres/hour. Additionally, Herco is able to design and build tailor made RO units reaching flow rates of 250,000 litres/hour.  Reverse Osmosis Units for Desalination of Hardness Stabilized Drinking Water   Options for Reverse Osmosis Units: Permeate recirculation; Concentrate flushing; Manual cleaning unit; Dosing units.  Reverse Osmosis Units for Desalination of Sea Water   Ultra-Pure Water Systems / Electro-deionization (EDI): Use of up-to-date technology makes it possible to remove dissolved salts without chemical regeneration at a low cost. Offer of standard units with capacity up to 3,000 litres / hour and tailor made units based on standard equipment.  Dialysis Water Treatment Installation: Only product group that is directly provided to end users. Over 20 years of experience. Known as specialist and innovative leader in this industry.   Ultra Filtration Units  Mixed Bed Water Demineralizers: Based on mixed bed ion-exchange. Broad product range. Standard destillo demineralizers use a central regeneration station to regenerate the exhausted ion-exchanger resin.   Test Check: Test check under real conditions ensures proper function and high quality zero error tolerance” leads to guarantee cost ratio of 0.4 %.  Central Regeneration Station: Regeneration of exhausted resins for the group and other customers.   ISO 9001:2000 Certificate: General quality management standard. Fulfilling the customer's quality requirements, and applicable regulatoryrequirements, while aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of these objectives.  ISO 13485:2003 Certificate: Quality management standard for medical devices. Ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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