We have been thinking 'water' since 1975

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Over Euraqua

Water is at the heart of everything we do and think. And this has been the case since our company was founded in 1975. We have specialised in all forms of water treatment since the early days.


Our integration in the Pollet Water Group – which is still a family-held group - ensures that we can fully focus on our core business. The Pollet Water Group assures all additional activities such as ICT, marketing, sourcing, etc. Thanks to our strong financial foundation, we are also sufficiently armed to take on and successfully complete large capital intensive projects.  


Euraqua grew rapidly as a consequence of its integration in the Pollet Water Group: from € 4 million to € 20 million turnover and from 11 to 45 employees. The demand for specialised and high-technological water treatment is continuously increasing; as a result we look to the future with great confidence.    


Get acquainted with Euraqua and see it with your own eyes here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpOPmEXE3K8